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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Binaca Geet Mala -- All Year Top Songs With Video

What the hell is this Binaca Geel Mala ? The first question that raised in your mind after reading the title of this post. Actually people of our generation do not know much about this one of the most popular radio shows of its times. Yeah I am right. Binaca Geetmala was a popular weekly radio countdown show of top filmy songs from Indian cinema listened to by millions of Hindi music lovers, that was broadcast on Radio Ceylon from 1953 to 1993.

It is considered as the first radio countdown show of Indian film songs, and has been quoted as being the most popular radio program in India during the its broadcast. The show was hosted by Ameen Sayani. The program used to start with the most famous quotes "Bhaiyo aur Bahano..... Amin Sayani ka Namaskar!!!". He was the most popular radio anchor in India. Sayani ran the programme to record-smashing success for nearly 45 years, earning a place among the world’s top broadcasters. He was the man with the gravelly voice and stylized drawl, through this show became a household name in India.

Mr. Amin Sayani said “For all of Rs. 25, I was required to select the songs, produce, script and compare the programme, and also sort the mail. The programme involved a competition and we expected 40-50 letters. The first episode brought 9,000. Within a year, that number touched 60,000. We had to shelve the competition and introduce a countdown show.”

Here are the Youtube links for all the yearly top rated songs... you can watch these songs.


  1. Ultimate!!!!!!!!!!
    Toooo Good to see such type of Listing.. Ya.. and that to with the Videos.. Thanks for the flash bakc into Golden era of Bollywood Music.

  2. woowww,though i dont know sm songs,its classic wud never be 'gone are the days' with such efforts..very nice songs..

  3. good collection. I appreciate and will be thankful if you get the total list of songs that were in the Binaca Geetmala right from the beginning, collect them and upload. It will be a tremendous job.

  4. thanks for reminding our golden past of student life